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Laura Peskoe, MSW, E-RYT

Laura Peskoe, MSW, E-RYT

Laura Peskoe, MSW, E-RYT

Laura Peskoe, MSW, E-RYT has been practicing yoga since the early 1990′s and teaching since 2001. Laura is a certified Forrest and Hatha yoga instructor with the national Yoga Alliance at the Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) level. She is very supportive in her teaching and takes alignment seriously but she also has a sense of humor and is often playful (possibly mischievous) in her teaching. It helps to laugh when you realize your foot is trying to go WHERE?! Her approach to yoga is to encourage students to start where they are. Yoga can always meet you there. Drawing on the many schools she has studied, including Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Prajna, Forrest and Bikram, Yoga Tune-Up, Ortho-Bionomy and even Biomechanics, Laura collaborates with Physical Therapists and Orthopedic Surgeons to help clients avoid surgery and become pain-free.

Many people come to yoga to heal minor injuries or common aches and pains. Unfortunately, if practiced without focusing on alignment, yoga, like all things, can aggravate injuries and even create new ones. Laura emphasizes alignment on and off of the yoga mat to discover habits that are contributing to tension and pain. Working with clients to help them understand their bodies, poses (asanas) are adapted to respond to the individual’s needs.

Laura’s goal in working with her clients is to help them to be smarter about their bodies, safer in how they use them and stronger than they thought possible!

Laura teaches at Yoga Tonic, local health clubs and is available for private consultations as well.




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