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I’m of the older age group but you’re only as old as you feel. I have been an active person all my life and wish to stay that way.  My later years have been invaded by osteoarthritis. At this time,arthritis and scoliosis invade my back, muscles and joints. I’ve had 2 knee replacements and 1 hip replacement. I’m also a breast cancer survivor.

I had never done Yoga and am now in Laura’s functional class. I feel very fortunate that, Lisa, a Physical Therapist recommended Laura. Class began May, 2010.My goals were to be free of back pain, deal with stiffness and walk without a cane.  At this time, I am free of back pain and walk part time without the cane. I hope to walk without the cane in the fall. This stormy weather isn’t good for me.

Laura is an excellent teacher, the most patient and warm person. She knows how the body works. Yoga with Laura has made my life easier. You will end up doing things that you never did before.

When given new poses to be involved with, I looked at her and said “I can’t do that”. She looked back at me and said “YOU WILL”. I did it the next time.


In December 2004, I dislocated my left knee.  A year in time, two orthopedic docs, and months and months spent at two different physical therapy locations…I was slowly (too slowly) doing “better.”  The result was that the area around my knee was very strong, but also very tight.  I couldn’t bend it more than 90 degrees.  Just when I thought I was stuck like that forever, I met Laura.  After countless squats and lunges endured at the encouragement of    physical therapists to strengthen the muscles around the kneecap, Laura guided me through the process of stretching that area in a way that was safe and effective.  The result was that I got a full range of motion back after several months in Laura’s class and I directly credit that to this yoga practice.  Now that I am healed, I have found that yoga continues to be an essential part of my body’s recovery process from the hours I spend running and swimming.  Laura is a highly skilled yogi, a very attentive friend and funny to boot.  She is just the kind of person you want around when you are upside down…literally and figuratively.


Yoga:  relaxing yet challenging, peaceful yet invigorating, humbling yet encouraging. 

It has greatly helped my scoliosis. Since I started practicing yoga with you 2 years ago, I no longer have any back pain (it used to be a 3-4 out of 10 on the pain scale).  I actually have less pain now doing yoga four times per week (for a total of around 5 hours) than when I was running track in college and working out 3 hours a day 6 days a week!  My increased flexibility, improved posture, and lengthening of my spine during yoga class has helped my back tremendously.  My husband also says that my curve is less noticeable.  I would recommend yoga to anyone suffering from scoliosis.  

All I can say is thank you for being such a wonderful and knowledgeable teacher and for impacting my health so significantly. 



Most American instructors act as though yoga is only about body work, and much of it is, but Laura understands that yoga really means the joining of mind and body. Her classes are full of this positive energy, a focus on taking care of the whole self and moving one’s body in a way that enhances that care while building strength. 
I credit Laura’s classes with helping me maintain my sanity – seriously – I don’t say that lightly. Moving to a new city, not knowing anyone, with two young children and a husband who worked long hours, I needed all the sanity I could get. She helped me become more balanced, focused and positive in my life as a whole. When I moved from the city, I knew that one of my greatest regrets would be leaving her classes. 

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