The Simplest Thing EVER You Can do for Stress Relief

The Illiacus psoas muscles (psoas muscles), comonly referred to as the fight/flight/freeze muscles, are primal messengers of the central nervous system. They are emotional muscles expressing what is felt deep within the belly core – what is commonly referred to as “gut feelings”.

Tense psoas muscles can disturb digestion, reproductive functioning, cause feelings of uneasiness and create a host of other aliments.

Constructive rest pose is an easy position for releasing tension in your psoas muscle. 10 – 20 minutes is ideal but any amount of time is better than none!

Constructive rest helps to relieve back, pelvic and leg fatigue and tension. Begin by resting on your back. Knees bent and feet placed parallel to each other, the width apart of the front of your hip sockets. Place your heels approximately 12-16 inches away from your buttocks. Keep the trunk and head parallel with the floor. If not parallel place a folded, flat towel under your head. DO NOT push your lower back to the floor or tuck your pelvis under in an attempt to flatten the spine. For best results keep the arms below the shoulder height letting them rest over the ribcage, to the sides of your body or on your belly. There is nothing to do; constructive rest is a BEING position.

Gravity does the work for you and releases the psoas. This simple pose can help you feel more at peace with your self and the world.

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