Pyramid on the Wall

I love this pose and if you’ve ever practiced with me, either in person or on-line, you’ve probably practiced this one! The reason I love it is because it targets so many different parts of the body at once. Some people feel this in their legs (front and/or back one), hips, calves, lower back, or bum. It depends on where you’re tighter. I don’t want you to feel this in the knee so pay attention to your alignment. That back knee needs to point where the toes point. If you can’t get the knee to do that, move the toes so that you can. The knee tries to do the work that we’re trying to get the hips to do. That’s really sweet of the knee to try to help but don’t let it!

I know, many of you can practice this pose without your hands on the wall and that’s great BUT try it with your hands on the wall. You’ll get a different sensation. Stay with your hands on the wall for a few breaths. Really allow the body to experience the pose that way and then after those few breaths, if you still want to take your hands off the wall, have at it.

There are many variations off this basic pose, but we’ll save that for another day. Keep you coming back for more! 😉

See you soon, yogis!

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