Like Movies? Then You’ll Like Yoga!

MoviesI often hear people say “I can’t do yoga” or “I don’t like yoga” or even “yoga isn’t for me”. I am baffled by these comments.

Yoga has been around a long time – 5,000 years by many estimates. There are many types of yoga some of which involve breathing and nothing else. Some involve your actions. The physical practice of yoga, Hatha Yoga is what most westerners mean when they say yoga.

Maybe at one point there was only one type of Hatha Yoga but today, the styles are countless. There’s Iyengar, Ashtanga, Forrest, Anusara, Vinyasa, Prajna, Purna, Kundalini and the list goes on.

Just like there are different styles of yoga, there are different styles of movies. I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t like movies but most people have a favorite type of movie and may dislike others. If you like thrillers and you go see a rom-com, for whatever reason – because you’re forced to or it got great reviews or you just got the times wrong and thought “what the heck I’m here already” – you may or may not have a great time.

Within each genre of movie, the screenplay, actors’ and director’s impacts are huge. Casablanca and Pretty Woman might both be romantic movies but you’re love of them might not be equal.

You just have to find the style of yoga and the teacher that appeals to you. I promise there is a style of yoga for everyone. From the fast paced Ashtanga or Power Yoga (thrillers), to Forrest (epic), to Anusara (love story), to Iyengar (documentary) to Viniyoga (detective) to Kids Yoga (comedy, definitely!) and so on. Start exploring!

If you already practice, what movie genre corresponds to your style of yoga?

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