Spiral Up

When I was in middle or high school, my mother introduced me to the writing of Louise Hay. It was the first time I had been exposed to affirmations and the link between the emotional and physical world. I wasn’t sure if I completely believed it but I did find it interesting! Through every move I’ve made over the years, those books went with me but I would go months or even years without looking at them.
Around age 19, I started meditating using Edgar Cayce tapes. Every day, for a few years I meditated. Any time I felt overwhelmed I immediately added an extra little meditation that day.
I don’t know why, but at some point I drifted away from affirmations and meditation. Ironically, it was around the same time that my physical yoga practice deepened.
Maybe I thought that I only needed one “spiritual” practice?
If that was the case, it turns out I was wrong. Life is a spiritual practice and the more ways you approach it, the better equipped you are to cope with difficulties.
Perhaps more importantly though, the more “tools in your toolbox”(i.e., affirmations, meditation, yoga, self-care, etc…)  you have, the more life doesn’t become difficult.
I don’t mean you start pooping unicorn rainbows (that only happens when you use the squatty potty! 😜) but that you see the world differently and therefore interact with it differently. Because of that, people approach you differently and many problems simply disappear. The difficulties that remain don’t impact you in the same way.
I’ve reignited my meditation and affirmation practice and my yoga practice has changed. It’s become more welcoming. I have nothing to prove on the mat. It’s about finding what I need that day.
Maybe I’m listening to myself without the distraction of other voices? (and by other voices I mean the ones inside my own head – people really aren’t thinking about us as much as we think they are!)
It seems that each of my “tools” fuel the others. I meditate and I view myself as worthy of only the most wonderful fuel for my body. I feed my body glorious foods* and my body responds by giving me a beautiful and loving yoga practice. That yoga practice leaves me with yoga bliss! Yoga bliss gives me a glow and allows me to give kindness to everyone (ok, not everyone but definitely most people and it allows me to let the mean folk roll right off my back).
*Disclaimer: If you know me well, you know I have an intense sweet tooth. I love my green juices but I also love a little bit of chocolate. I’m incredibly picky though and it better be hella good if I’m going to indulge! I’m not jeopardizing my machine for some gas station chocolate bar!!
You get the point. It’s a beautiful upward spiral*.
Second Disclaimer: I don’t beat myself up if I’m not 24/7 perfect. This isn’t a competition, folks.
The best part is you can start anywhere with anything. Start seeing beauty in yourself. If you can’t see it yet, talk to me because I can see it in you.
You are alive and by virtue of being a human and being alive, you are worthy of being loved by others and by yourself!
I guess what I’m saying is Spiral Up, my friend!
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