Happiness, Self-Care, & How You Can Change The World

I teach a weekly class where one client is always negative. She complains about most everything. The class is in a residential building and other residents know this about her and try to keep their distance. When I see her, I try to keep my energy calm and lead by example.

I wonder about people like this.

She doesn’t deal with chronic pain (always my first thought since I know how difficult it is to deal with pain on a regular basis). She’s been this way for years from what I’ve heard.

Why are some people unhappy? Does she have love in her life? Does she have “people”? Is there any touch in her day?  

It makes me grateful to return every evening to my loving home, to connect with my wonderful community, and to practice self-care through out the day.

With every act of self-care you practice, you subconsciously tell yourself that you love yourself and you realize that you’re worth loving. The more that happens, the more you believe it. It becomes part of your being, your very fiber. You exude it and most people pick up on that. You may find that people are nicer to you. It builds on itself. 

You may tell the guy with the hat how much you love it. You may tell the cashier at the grocery store how fabulous her haircut is. You may tell the child how great his/her glasses are. You may just smile at people. Notice they smile back. You made their day.

Your Self-Care practice made their day! How magical is that?! Being happy is contagious.

(Not sure how to practice Self-Care? Try some of these. Connection is important too. We’re social creatures, even us introverts. We need touch. We need love.)

So getting back to my negative Nelly (and no, her name isn’t Nelly), what to do regarding her? I’ll keep practicing Self-Care, being grateful and leading by example. I offer her kindness and let her make her own choices. … and probably bulk up on kindness to me when I get home! 😉

Try it for a day and let me know how it goes! I want to hear if (more likely, how) your happiness changed your world.

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