Parting Words

Many people ask me about the words I say at the end of every class. They are not a quote from a spiritual leader or a learned person. They come from no one but myself and they are truly a prayer from my heart.

I began practicing yoga because it was a little bit weird. I don’t know why I stayed with it back then. I suppose it just felt good to move in this way. I practiced with VHS tapes (yes, VHS tapes – at least they weren’t beta!) so there was no community. There were no cool yoga clothes. I practiced usually in my pj’s.  I just liked it but I couldn’t have told you what I liked.

Now, I know why I practice. I practice yoga to find peace, in my body and my heart and my soul. I teach yoga to give that same peace to you.

I consciously try not to talk about spirituality during the class. I think the practice is spiritual without having to discuss it. Just in case it isn’t, these are the words I think as I teach and that I say at the end of every class…

May we find peace in what we see, speak and feel.

May peace flow from our hearts to the world,

From the world back to our hearts,

And, through our prana, our energy, may we all, the entire world, find peace.

(In my mind it’s a prayer, so I always add a silent “Amen”.)

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