Partner Yoga

In any relationship, trust and communication are key. Partner Yoga utilizes both, building a stronger bond between people. Because you know your partner, you’re able to truly relax and go deeper in the poses. Partners can be significant others, friends or even children. They just need to be someone you trust and don’t mind touching.

Partner Yoga is for all levels from the advanced yogi to the I’ve-never-done-yoga-before-and-I’m-terrified-but-kind-of-excited.  Some poses are more restorative than the best nap you’ve ever had. Some poses are challenging and will make you grateful you have someone helping you.  Then there are those poses that will make you laugh out loud and struggle to not fall over!


I tell people that yoga requires four qualities – strength, balance and flexibility. I know that’s only three. Very few of us have all three so it also requires a sense of humor, the fourth quality!
Partner Yoga especially requires that sense of humor!

This fun and open level class is offered the second Saturday of every month.

Check out 26:02 for Partner Yoga!

See you soon ~ ☮


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