Think You Can’t Do Yoga? You Can and “YOU WILL” Just Ask Doris!


“I’m of the older age group but you’re only as old as you feel. I have been an active person all my life and wish to stay that way. My later years have been invaded by osteoarthritis. At this time, arthritis and scoliosis invade my back, muscles and joints. I’ve had 2 knee replacements and 1 hip replacement. I’m also a breast cancer survivor.

I had never done Yoga and am now in Laura’s functional class. I feel very fortunate that, Lisa, a Physical Therapist recommended Laura. Class began May, 2010. My goals were to be free of back pain, deal with stiffness and walk without a cane. At this time, I am free of back pain and walk part time without the cane. I hope to walk without the cane in the fall. This stormy weather isn’t good for me.

Laura is an excellent teacher, the most patient and warm person. She knows how the body works. Yoga with Laura has made my life easier. You will end up doing things that you never did before.

When given new poses to be involved with, I looked at her and said ‘I can’t do that.’ She looked back at me and said ‘YOU WILL.’ I did it the next time.” – Doris

Doris has a daily yoga practice. That’s right, she practices every day. In addition, twice a week she also comes to yoga class. If she doesn’t practice, she has pain, so, she practices.

In the beginning, Doris had trouble with the simplest of poses. Despite being active for most of her life, her body wasn’t used to moving this way. I was asking her body to do things it had never done. The recent injuries and surgeries had taken their toll on her.

Some people might have given up when faced with the challenges that Dorris has: 2 knee replacements, a hip replacement, scoliosis and a breast cancer survivor. Doris stayed with yoga. She knew that long-term yoga would help even if it was hard. We worked together to adapt poses that were too difficult. We invented new poses.

Our goal wasn’t to impress others. We had one main goal – to get rid of that cane. Most days the cane never gets used. She carries it with her. On occasion I think she’s even used that cane to get to the front of the line at the museum, so it does come in handy!

This past week Doris was in a class with two women who were much younger, more than half her age (I’m not allowed to tell you Doris’ age). The younger women were shocked that they couldn’t do the poses that Doris could. It’s not that Doris pushes herself too hard. She takes breaks and knows her limits but she tries everything.

That’s just it. Doris tries everything. If she can’t do something now she knows that if she keeps trying, she will. You will too!

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