Hold On Loosely But Don’t Let Go

I had some bodywork done the other day. My brother came across a new modality and said I had to try it. In case you didn’t know, my brother is a personal trainer. Correction, my brother is an incredibly gifted personal trainer. He also is a certified Thai Massage Therapist and has his certification in Yoga (I can take credit for that one – He only tried yoga after I insisted he had to). Anyway, if he says I have to try something, well, then I HAVE to try it.

I went into the session with some body issues that really needed help. My feet have been bothering me and were really painful that day. I also have problems with my lower back, an old shoulder injury and slept funny last week so my neck is out of wack.  I really wanted some relief and couldn’t wait to get on the table.

After my 1.5 hour session, I felt incredible. It was like that blissed out feeling after a great yoga class.  You know the feeling?  Totally relaxed and energized at the same time.

Have you noticed that I haven’t told you what the modality was?  There’s a reason for it. I don’t think this guy was very good at what he does.

I still had every one of my pains and aches. They were all still there. If the pain hadn’t diminished, why did I feel so good?  I have a theory about that.

For 1.5 hours, I had someone focus entirely on me… touching me. It wasn’t massage, thai massage or reflexology, but it was physical touch.

Touch. We need this more than we know. Many of us are starved for touch in today’s world. We communicate via text, FB, and twitter. We “like” each other’s statuses. We retweet. We give each other virtual hugs but “xoxo” doesn’t really give you hugs and kisses.

How often are you touched?  I’m not talking about sex either. (Although, never underestimate the power of great sex!) How often do you hug or touch someone? Yogis, how great is that little scalp massage in savasana?

Even though this bodyworker did nothing to alleviate my pain, I felt great and I’m convinced it’s because of the touching. 1.5 hours of being touched? Heaven!

So the next time you see me, don’t be surprised if I hug you and hold on for just a little bit longer!  I think we’ll both feel better!

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  1. Mom Gie says:

    Powerfully tender and poignant

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