Stacking Your Joints or How Does Your Stance Stack Up?

When we learned how to stand and walk, people really only cared about us not falling which was definitely very important.  It was a great start but it was only a start. If only we all had a governess to teach us proper posture. I’m picturing Mary Poppins complete with the umbrella and bag of tricks. Then again, I don’t know how great that posture was from a biomechanics point of view but how great would it have been to have Mary Poppins teaching you about life?

I digress.

Learn the basics of standing. Stack your joints. Avoid the gymnastics dismount. Remember posture and mood are linked so watch the video and be happy, yogis. You too, non-yogis. (By the way, we’re all yogis, regardless of flexibility or amount of lycra in your wardrobe.)


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