A Scoliosis Workshop

A Scoliosis Workshop

Unwinding the Mysteries of the Spine

Using Yoga, Orth-Bionomy and Self-Massage, we will explore how to

  • Breathe into the area of discomfort or the the area of the lungs or diaphragm that you have trouble reaching
  • Work with the body instead of fighting it
  • Lengthen the spine
  • Invert, defy gravity, and decrease back pain
  • Educate your body and re-align your posture


“The body with scoliosis has developed a highly sophisticated compensating ‘act’ and it can also learn a more refined symmetrical ‘act’ with proper instruction. By combining the yoga postures with breathing awareness, one can develop a structural alignment, creating a more normal symmetrical alignment. This is accomplished by stretching muscles that have tightened and strengthening muscles that have become weak from this asymmetrical imbalance. Thereby the body will create a more effortless posture using the bone structure, rather than over working the muscles to hold itself up. Through yoga, one can find that balance point that allows the scoliosis curve to coexist with gravity and activates the body’s natural plumb line. The result for most people with scoliosis is better posture and less pain.”

— Elise Miller, MA




Testimonial: It has greatly helped my scoliosis. Since I started practicing yoga with you (Laura)  2 years ago, I no longer have any back pain (it used to be a 3-4 out of 10 on the pain scale).  I actually have less pain now doing yoga four times per week (for a total of around 5 hours) than when I was running track in college and working out 3 hours a day 6 days a week!  My increased flexibility, improved posture, and lengthening of my spine during yoga class has helped my back tremendously.  My husband also says that my curve is less noticeable.  I would recommend yoga to anyone suffering from scoliosis.  

All I can say is thank you for being such a wonderful and knowledgeable teacher and for impacting my health so significantly. 



When : Saturday, April 27, 2013 12:00-2:00 pm

Fee : $75, cost includes set of Yoga Tune Up therapy balls

Location : Yoga Tonic, inside The Trainer’s Gyn
401 W Ontario, 4th floor

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Workshop is limited to 10 students & pre-registration is required.
RSVP to laura@yoga-tonic.com.




Laura Peskoe, MSW, E-RYT has been practicing yoga since the early 1990′s and teaching since 2001. Diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1999, she understands how pain can impact your life. Drawing on the many schools of yoga and movement she has studied, Laura collaborates with Physical Therapists and Orthopedic Surgeons to help clients avoid surgery and become pain-free. 

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